Chairman’s Message

Message from the Chairman of the Board

KUWAIT: Al-Safat Investment Company has become one of the most distinguished licensed entities to operate in various fields in a short time after successful structuring of its financial situation.

Due to its board of directors, and especially after relisting on the stock exchange again, Al-Safat Group became competitive in the financial services sector, management of investment assets and various services investment companies provide.

Al-Safat’s strategy proved successful in 2022 by restructuring and applying technical standards, as the company was keen on seizing various opportunities that agreed with its policy to reach the required integration. In a few years, the managed assets reached new heights, with a 68 percent increase in June 2022 compared to the same period a year earlier.

This performance reflects positively on Al-Safat’s stock in both demand and liquidity, as it rose by 110 percent since the listing and is currently the third highest stock in volume in the financial sector in 2022, which reflects investor confidence in the company and its future.

Boursa Kuwait announced lately the addition of Al-Safat Investment Company’s shares to Boursa Kuwait Main Market 50, which is a new indicator of 50 companies with the highest liquidity in the main market. We are looking forward to qualifying for listing on the Main Market exchange.

What helps the company achieve these goals is the existence of an umbrella of earned operating assets and companies heading towards expanded restructuring operations, as well as reforming its strategy that aims at a quality merger with Cap Corp Investment Company, which will create a solid financial entity resulting in higher operational efficiency as far as revenues, cost and financial balance are concerned, which will have a positive effect on the company’s worth and its status in the local market.

Also, with the availability of sufficient financial solvency, in addition to local skills and talents, Al-Safat will have a more suitable space for serious plans towards expansion and seizing feasible opportunities locally and abroad in the coming period. The merger will be the first step towards building a company of renewable resources with expanded sources to search and find suitable opportunities to diversify income sources in a way that agrees with the board of directors’ vision that seeks the strengthening of shareholders’ equity.

Maintaining transparency, governance and internal auditing are among our most important priorities, as the company believes that maintaining companies’ governance is a very important matter for various reasons, led by having the opportunity to reach regional and international markets easily and smoothly, besides being distinguished and reaching the largest group possible of people with investment visions to recognize Al-Safat as a committed leading entity.

It is not a secret that the company’s plans and future strategy includes vigorous efforts to manage direct investments and customers’ investments portfolios and become market makers, which will allow us to focus on operational companies, leading shares and fast-growing shares of fixed income, while at the same time maintain the best sectoral and geographic distribution, in addition to our wish to develop investment in small and medium projects.

We trust our abilities and we will continue our hard work collectively under a technical executive organization and a distinguished experienced team to achieve the ambitions and longings of our shareholders through a flexible policy and integrated strategy.

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