Chairman’s Message

Message from the Chairman of the Board

The past few years had marked the beginning of a new era for Al Safat Investment Company when new visions and strategies have been added to the company’s set of goals and missions.

The company has decided to move forward with the vision of setting a careful strategic plan to acquire & develop investments through targeted regional and geographical expansions which will enable us to achieve financial results and profitable gains while exploring new horizons to benefit our shareholders.

We consider the company’s history a stepping stone towards a better handling of potential challenges that we will face with experience & effective solutions. Our legacy never failed us especially when the previous year had witnessed remarkable developments in terms of local and regional investment products and activities. All this while our priorities remain to establish transparency, governance and internal control, which will lead to an increase in the level of institutional work in accordance with the requirements of the Capital Market Authority and the regulatory bodies.

Al Safat Investment Company is working to implement a careful and secure strategy in managing direct investments and managed Investment portfolios of clients’ accounts. The objective is to focus on operating companies, leading stocks, fast-growing and fixed-income stocks while maintaining optimal geographical and sectoral distribution.

Our Executive Management, continued the process of financial structuring and exclusion of non-strategic investments, re-investing in promising sectors using strategic tools, in addition to supporting the activities and expansion of subsidiaries and associated companies.

The positive results of this plan are expected in the next few years, which will result in a better level of profitability from operations and raising the quality of revenues. This will have a significant impact on the profits and financial position of the company which in return will benefit all the Company’s shareholders

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