Al Safat Investment Company is committed to the betterment of the environment, society and major stakeholders. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy aims to accumulate various achievements of sustainable development of society and workers by contributing towards reducing the level of unemployment in society and achieving optimal use of available resources. The company also seeks to enhance the knowledge and awareness among its employees of the importance of social responsibility programs by urging their participations in different initiatives contributing to the greater good of our society.

Supporting Local Artists

ASIC celebrating Kuwait National Celebrations with employees, tenants & local families. This event was geared towards supporting local photographers who produced amazing pictures for our beloved Kuwait. ASIC celebrated their art by dedicating a week long gallery in Alsafat Tower ground floor.

Fulfilling Kuwait’s Needs

ASIC employees spent a day in Middle East Chemical Manufacturing Company preparing cleaning supplies and hands seizers to be delivered to different governmental ministries.  Deliveries were done in cooperation with Ministries representatives & all communications and donations requests were fulfilled via Mosanadat.com

Be Healthy .. Stay Safe!

Spreading health & safety awareness to the public specially during this pandemic was an important role in our CSR mindset. ASIC created an English video about Going Back to Work  rules & regulations to support Kuwait Government efforts that is mostly focused on Arabic Speakers.

Al Safat Investment Company had organized a blood donation day within its headquarters in Hawalli in collaboration with the Central Blood Bank (CBB). This day came as a CSR initiative and a way to contribute to the Ministry of Health’s blood supplies, which are used for all kind of medical emergencies.

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