Company’s Activities

Invest in real estate, financial, healthcare, industrial, energy, agricultural, food and other economic sectors through participating in the establishment of specialized companies or purchase of stocks and bonds in these companies, or manage projects in various sectors.

Maintaining Investment Control Mechanisms

Supervision within investment operations guarantee minimum deviation from prior set standards which Alsafat implements on investment management and opportunity seeking.

Seeking Worthwhile Opportunities

Rarely does opportunities present themselves. They are to be actively sought, and captured in the right moment, especially in highly competitive markets.

Maximizing Returns On Investments

Seeking new opportunities, should not mean abandoning current investments. Alsafat has a robust investment portfolio that can withstand economic slowdown and provide a stable stream of income.

Capitalizing On Promising Investments

Meticulous research is part of Alsafat’s investment culture. It studies internal components of investments, market trends and other macroeconomic factors before capitalizing on an opportunity.


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