Al Safat Investment Co. KSCC, founded in Kuwait on September 15, 1983. It was transformed into a full-fledged investment-licensed company in 2003. Al Safat was relisted in October 2021 and kept growing its capital till it reached KD 28,327,569 in 2022. The main focus of the company is acquiring strategic investments in selective enterprises, industries and investment-vehicles seeking growth and capital appreciation all in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shari’a and in accordance with the Regulations and instructions of the Kuwait Capital Market Authority, Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Ministry of Commerce and Industry..

Company’s Core Values

Work & Spread Knowledge

Our years of experience is always translated to not only profit making, but also spreading the knowledge and widening people’s horizons.


Turmoil and difficulties are not downfalls, we see them as golden opportunities to strengthen the company’s backbone and the stamina of our employees.

Act with Integrity

Our shareholders & Clients are always put first, their interests & profit is our ultimate goal.

Maintain Ethics

Maintaining ethics will always obligate us to work our hardest, tell the truth and keep our promises. They are the framework that underlines our daily work practice, helping us make decisions that generate positive impacts upon our team & clients.

Invest in People

Our team is our main investment and the human factor is the foundation of our company’s success & longevity. We not only invest in our stakeholders but also in Youth and their ambitious spirit.

Al Safat achieved operational profits of KD 2.21 million In addition to winning the World Business Outlook award for executing the best merger between two investment companies in the GCC

Maintaining Investment Control Mechanisms

Establish new investment funds to participate in successful SMEs & venture capital in the medical sector, technological startup and Islamic funds market.

Seeking Worthwhile Opportunities

Diversify holdings and attain companies having synergistic importance with ASIC operations or investments.

Maximizing Returns On Investments

Expand our current service offerings from direct investments and asset management services to financial advisory and investment banking services including establishing investment research department and an operation department.

Capitalizing On Promising Investments

Target deals within Kuwait as a primary market while keeping an eye on opportunities in GCC or MENA region.

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