Company Activities

Company Activities

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    Our portfolio contains Investments in real estate, finance, healthcare, industrial sector, energy, agriculture, food & beverage in addition to other economic sectors by contributing in the establishment  / funding of specialized companies or via purchasing of stocks and bonds in these companies.

  2. 2
    Fund Management

    We manage private and public institutions funds by investing such funds in various economic sectors.

  3. 3
    Fund Establishment

    We form & manage all kinds of investment funds in addition to supervising Collective Investment Scheme activates acting as an “Investment Controller”.

  4. 4
    Advisory Services

    We provide financial consultancy, technical evaluations, projected investment returns, market research & studies all performed by professional integrated team.

  5. 5
    Intermediary Services

    Act as an intercessor in lending and borrowing transactions and extend loans to others all in accordance with rules and regulations restricted by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

  6. 6
    Lead Management & Trustee

    Perform lead management to bonds issued by companies and institutions in addition to investment trustee duties.

  7. 7
    Stock Trading

    Selling and buying shares and bonds of local and international governmental institutions.

  8. 8
    Licensed for 5 Securities Activities

    • Investment Portfolio Management
    • Collective Investment Scheme Management.
    • Investment Advisor.
    • Subscription Agent.
    • Investment Controller.

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