Company Strategy

Al Safat Investment Company has a new strategy that focuses on ambitious key goals that define its corporate culture. These goals comprise of maximizing returns and capitalizing on promising investments by maintaining financial control mechanisms and seeking rewarding opportunities. This goal will come true by following inclusive of recommendations indicating acquisition of strategic stakes in operational companies with positive cash flow history, which will have a direct impact on increasing the company’s overall portfolio yield while considering high growth technology based investments. Al Safat also aims to establish a favorable market advantage for its subsidiary and associate companies.

We aim towards establishing and operating sizable funds, focused towards Food & Beverages (F&B), Venture Capital and Education Sectors utilizing our past experience and fields of passion.

A new aspect of strategy going forward will be highly geared towards SMEs and venture capital aligning the company’s future vision with Kuwait’s private sector market and the evolution small and private owned businesses went through in past years. This sector will continue to grow making the entrepreneurial movement a vital player in the general economy and work force, especially with rapid governmental support in finance & procedure facilities.

Maintain investment control mechanisms

Establish new investment funds to participate in successful SMEs & venture capital in the medical sector, technological startup and Islamic funds market.

Seek rewarding opportunities

Diversify holdings and attain companies having synergistic importance with ASIC operations or investments.

Maximize Returns

Expand our current service offerings from direct investments and asset management services to financial advisory and investment banking services including establishing investment research department and an operation department.

Capitalize on promising investments

Target deals within Kuwait as a primary market while keeping an eye on opportunities in GCC or MENA region.

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