Blood Donation Day

Al Safat Investment Co.” Organizes a Blood Donation Day

Al Safat Investment Company had organized a blood donation day within its headquarters in Hawalli in collaboration with the Central Blood Bank (CBB). This day came as a CSR initiative and a way to contribute to the Ministry of Health’s blood supplies, which are used for all kind of medical emergencies.

The event that hosted CBBs medical team from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm, saw an impressive turn out of donors that comprised of employees from Al Safat Investment, their group companies and was open to anyone who wished to donate to the cause. The final number of donations reached 46 donors, blood collected of all various blood groups.

Precautionary measures and checks were taken by the medical teams before any donations were made, to ensure that the donors were in good health and safe to donate.

The chairman of Al Safat Investment Company, Mr. Abdullah AlTerkait, expressed his support for the event and pointed out the importance of such initiatives and the responsibility we as citizens of Kuwait have towards society. Furthermore, Mr. AlTerkait also spoke about his plans for Al Safat to do more in the CSR area, adding that, “We as human beings, should do more to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need and help by any means possible. We do not represent just Al Safat Investment Company; We represent Kuwait.” The Chairman also sent out his appreciation to the Central Blood Bank, GIA Restaurant who catered the event, Dhahia Juice for their refreshments, the teams of ASIC, group companies and all those involved and who attended the event.

The event was a huge success and the ASIC team was praised for their humble efforts to give back to the community and their kind hospitality for all those who attended the event.

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