Al Safat Investment Company is committed to the betterment of the environment, society and major stakeholders. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy aims to accumulate various achievements of sustainable development of society and workers by contributing towards reducing the level of unemployment in society and achieving optimal use of available resources. The company also seeks to enhance the knowledge and awareness among its employees of the importance of social responsibility programs by urging their participations in different initiatives contributing to the greater good of our society.

Watheefati Expo

ASIC participated in the Watheefati Job Expo that was held from the 19th-21st October 2023, at the Arena in 360 Mall. The Expo hosted many prominent financial institutions, industrial companies, and telecommunication companies, amongst many more over the 3 days. The company received wide interest from many graduates, as well as job seekers looking for a shift in their careers. Our participation stemmed from our constant quest to incubate and professionally host local talents in our company. Aligning our vision with The State of Kuwait’s mission to steer youth away from Governmental employment and encouraging more recruitment in the private sector.

Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture

In cooperation with Alsalam International Hospital, Al Safat organized a Breast Cancer awareness lecture dedicated to all the women employees in the company and Al Safat Tower.

In this lecture, the ladies listened to detailed presentation about this disease, asked questions & learned about the importance of sporadic self-check & annual Mammogram tests.

Breast Cancer Lecture
Movember lecture
Movember: Men’s Health Awareness Campaign

Another lecture was organized with a specialized doctor from Alsalam International Hospital, showcasing the symptoms and causes of Prostate cancer. The attendees had an open discussion with the specialists about not only physical health but also mental health and how to manage stress and balance between life & work.

Our National Celebrations were different this year We invited young artists to draw on our B1 pillars Murals representing pillars of our community creating Beauty in unexpected space.

blood donation
Blood Donation Day

Donate Blood Save Lives!
For the second year Al Safat Company organizing internal blood donation campaign for all tower tenants and employees in collaboration with the Central Blood Bank to give back to community by saving lives.
Further reinforcing the company’s productive role in social corporate responsibility related to health initiatives.
The blood donation campaign was in partnership with IHS at our headquarters in Hawalli.

Movember The Month of Men's Health

We at Al Safat pay great attention to health & wellness as a part of our CSR initiatives. We have cooperated with Alsalam Hospital by hosting their Health Booth where all Al Safat Tower’s tenants and guests were invited to check their vitals and Body mass.

Breast Cancer Picture
Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative

Cancer is Tough, But So Are we!
We at Al Safat Investment care about spreading health awareness. The campaign focused on early detection of breast cancer that can save women’s lives.

Clothes Donation Campaign

We believe in the act of giving in all shapes and forms. We collaborated with Humanitarian Excellence Charity by launching a donation campaign envolving all the tenants in Alsafat Tower. The responce was overwelming as we received clothes, blankets and coats to be distributed to the people in need before winter comes.

KIU High School Students Spends a day in Al Safat

We were honored to receive a group of high school students to spend a day in our headquarters learning about the Investment field, and the company. They learned about Kuwait Boursa, Assent Management, wealth management, Portfolios & property management. This day was designated for 101 knowledge about the investment sector and its importance for enriching the market, attracting capital, and providing an attractive environment for investors in the stock exchange and small projects.

Al Safat Investments Company going green

In line with its ongoing endeavor and social responsibility towards pure green environment by contributing to the launch of eco- friendly initiatives, Al-Safat Investment Company has inaugurated an area on the first parking floor B1 of Al Safat Tower, as a station for charging hybrid electric cars. This comes as part of a future plan aimed at achieving sustainability goals and contributing to the adoption of solutions to limit carbon emissions.

Beautifying our Surroundings

Its always been a part of our vision to not only take care of our premises, but also pay attention to our surroundings. In this project we cooperated with the Public Authority for Roads & Transportation to re-design the facades of the pedestrian bridge right in front of our building. This project will be one of more to come in the area of Hawalli.

To all mothers with Love!

Celebrating with our community is a part of our identity. Weather its National Celebrations or Mother’s Day these occasions are important to us. This video was our take on how we want to tell our beloved mothers that we love and care about them.

Supporting Local Artists

ASIC celebrating Kuwait National Celebrations with employees, tenants & local families. This event was geared towards supporting local photographers who produced amazing pictures for our beloved Kuwait. ASIC celebrated their art by dedicating a week long gallery in Alsafat Tower ground floor.

Fulfilling Kuwait’s Needs

ASIC employees spent a day in Middle East Chemical Manufacturing Company preparing cleaning supplies and hands seizers to be delivered to different governmental ministries.  Deliveries were done in cooperation with Ministries representatives & all communications and donations requests were fulfilled via Mosanadat.com

Be Healthy .. Stay Safe!

Spreading health & safety awareness to the public specially during this pandemic was an important role in our CSR mindset. ASIC created an English video about Going Back to Work  rules & regulations to support Kuwait Government efforts that is mostly focused on Arabic Speakers.

Al Safat Investment Company had organized a blood donation day within its headquarters in Hawalli in collaboration with the Central Blood Bank (CBB). This day came as a CSR initiative and a way to contribute to the Ministry of Health’s blood supplies, which are used for all kind of medical emergencies.

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