Company Divisions

Company divisions

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    Direct Investment Department

    The Direct Investment Department utilizes financial and technical knowhow to manage the company’s private equity and wide-ranging portfolio of subsidiary and associate companies. It also advises on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), traditional investment opportunities and other consultancy services. Furthermore, the department analyses different sectors of the economy to create benchmarks to assess the performance of different equity components.

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    Asset Management Group

    In order to maintain and appreciate the value of assets, Al Safat Investment Company’s formed the Asset Management Group. A department well equipped to provide investment solutions in the private and public sector to the queries of its clients whether individual or institutional and its shareholders, delivering sophisticated and unique wealth managing strategies.

    The group is comprised of three specialized units:

    • Equity Portfolio Management Unit,
    • Investment Research Unit,
    • Operations Unit.

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    Finance Department

    The Finance Group provides full financial, administrative and technical support to its clients, having a highly trained professional staff.
    The department’s services include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for, and controlling the finances of companies. All sorts of financial statements are also produced and handled by finance.

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    Support Services Department

    The Support Services Department is responsible for the day-to-day management of a Al Safat Investment Company. This department looks after human resources, IT services, logistical support and other administrative tasks.

    It also ensures that effective managerial policies are implemented to fulfil the company’s goals and overall strategy. Furthermore, it looks after developing and broadening its employees’ professional capacity.

    The Support Services Department also comprises of four units:

    • Support Services Unit
    • Human Resources and Administration Unit
    • Information Technology Unit
    • Projects Unit

  5. 5
    Operations Department

    The Operations Department provides a versatile set of services to its’ funds clients. These services include procedures to open and discontinue funds, preparing periodic and quarterly reports on the status and updates of clients’ funds in addition to reporting to relevant stakeholders, settling funds accounts with Kuwait Clearing House and equity transfer.

    Also, the department reconciles bank accounts with financial statements, books and ledgers, follows-up on general assemblies and board meetings of fund clients’ equity companies. Moreover, it provides the Finance Department relevant Capital Markets Authority reports and writes reports required by financial regulatory authorities.

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