Al-Safat Investment Company Profile 



Al-Safat Investment Company was incorporated on september 15th, 1983 as kuwaiti shareholding Company carrying out its business in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Islamic Shari'a. The Company's share capital stood at KD 77,298,334.

The Company is regulated by the Kuwaiti supervisory authorities viz. Capital Market Authority "CMA", Central Bank of Kuwait "CBK" and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry "MOCI", and fully comply with the laws and regulations promulgated by these authorities.

The company is committed to target successful and high-yield investments by adopting delibetare vision to capture promising investment opportunities and products that accommodate the investors' needs at abroad level.




Company's actibities:

1- Invest in real estate, financial, healthcare, industrial, energy, agricultural, food and other economic sectors through participating in the establisment of specialized companies or purchase of stocks and bonds in these companies, or manage projects in various sectors.

2- Manage funds of private and public institutions funds and investing such funds in the various economic sectors.

3- Conduct and provide technical, economic and evaluation consultancy, study investment projects and prepare the necessary studies through a professional integrated team.

4- Act as an intermediary in lending and borrowing transactions and extend loans to others in accordance with the generally recognized conventions and rules and regulations laid down by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

5- Perform the functions of lead manager of bonds issued by companies and institutions as well as the functions of investment trustee.

6- Carry out stock trading inclusing sale and purchase of shares and bonds of local and international governmental institutions.

7- Provide all services that assist in development and reinforcement of the market's financial and monetary capabilities in Kuwait and satisfying its needs.

8- Form and manage all kinds of investment funds in accordance with the applicable law.

9- Manage and oversee the activitiesof Collective Investment Scheme Acting as an "Investment Controller".